Hitting the road whenever you want and traveling the world with your home, what a dream! Since a few years, the tiny house concept has delighted the travelers that can thus create their own nomadic lifestyle and enjoy a more adventurous life.

This year, Thyon 4 Vallées has invited the mountain lovers to live the tiny house experience, the Swiss way! Situated in the forest, the Tiny Chalet offers a unique accommodation in total harmony with the nature.

As the world is the limit, the reduced living space urges to focus on the essential. The interior is carefully thought trough to welcome up to four people. Under the mezzanine bedroom, the cosy and multifunctional lounge corner turns into a second bed at night. The minimal yet well equipped kitchen enables gourmets to cook and bake, and there is even a dining area when it’s not warm enough to eat outside.

The Tiny Chalet allows you to enjoy the outdoor life and the beautiful surroundings, without compromising comfort. May it be for an alpine retreat or a nature adventure, this getaway inspires you to rethink your habits and adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. Indulge yourself in serenity, benefit from the mountain’s fresh air and make your holidays special!

Photography: interior pictures by ©Geraldine Morand,
the outdoor picture by ©Tiny Chalet



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